Sue Alvey, LPCC
Counseling Older Adults
and Family Caregivers


How is the aging process affecting your life? Are you an older adult? A family member? Are you caring for a spouse or a parent?

Aging is a time of change. Numerous questions, thoughts and feelings may arise.

– Navigating retirement
– Coping with medical conditions
– Adapting to changes in mobility and day to day functioning
– Deciding where to live
– Figuring out who will take care of them when they cannot take care of themselves
– Worrying about being a burden
– Grieving and adjusting to widowhood

– How to manage life’s details without their teammate
– How to take care of their partner and take care of themselves too
– How to afford to pay for additional care
– How to move on when they are alone

– They are often caring for their own families as well as their parents
– Roles change as they take on more care of their parents
– Old family patterns arise not only with parents but with siblings as well
– Making tough decisions while preserving dignity and respect

Meet Sue Alvey

Sue is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with over 30 years of experience in geriatric social services working in multiple settings with seniors from 60 to over 100 and family members of all ages. She is a skilled psychotherapist who works with seniors and their families dealing with loss, grief, anxiety, guilt, depression and looking at the end of life. In addition to her expertise, Sue provides therapy, consultation and guidance to older adults and family members in the context of a safe and compassionate therapeutic relationship.

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