For Older Adults

Old Age is not for sissies.

Bette Davis

What’s on your mind?

There are many things you may have questions about.

There are so many facets of aging that everything may seem complicated. Your questions may be different depending upon what you’re going through and what phase of aging you’re in. For example:

– Where do I want to live right now and how will that affect my future?
– My kids are so bossy but on the other hand, I don’t want to be a burden.
– I’m still mourning the death of my spouse and am struggling with widowhood.
– I’m getting more forgetful. Do I have Alzheimer’s?
– My spouse is getting more forgetful. Do they have Alzheimer’s?
– How do I keep going when my body isn’t cooperating?
– I’m tired of going to memorial services.
– How will I handle the details in life when my spouse isn’t doing it with me?
– I don’t want to move to Assisted Living.
– What about intimacy in later life?
– How do I deal with all of these doctors and pills?
– How do I plan for the end of life?

Could counseling help?

You might be thinking – – What kind of people see therapists? I think I can take care of my problems myself. Why would I pay someone to just talk? Doesn’t therapy take a long time? Isn’t asking for help a weakness?

These are common questions asked by some older adults. My Resources page has a couple of helpful articles that may answer your questions about psychotherapy.

All feelings are normal. And questions are normal. Sometimes you may worry, or feel overwhelmed or sad – and you want to feel better. As a psychotherapist, I’m more of a guide – and a problem solver – and a support person – and an educator – and a consultant – and lots of things. But mostly, I’m a facilitator of change, a helper and a really good listener.

Think of me as a member of your team.

We’ll look at the big picture of your life in therapy. We’ll talk about your health, your family, your community and your day-to-day life. Then we’ll work on your improving your coping skills, look at different ways of thinking, set goals, and work together on feeling better.